Animal Babies Baby Turtle Plush Review


Animal Babies Nursery is the cutest collection of baby animals for kids to name, love and nurture just like a real baby! At approximately 10.5″ in height with soft fur and cuddly bodies, they make the perfect snuggly companion. Specially designed hands allow babies to really suck their thumbs, hold their pacifiers and even hold hands with all other Animal Babies Nursery animals! Each baby features hospital band on its arm so you can give it a name and make it yours to love forever. Includes: Animal Baby, pacifier and removable diaper. With so many different animal styles, there is a baby for every kid. This Fall, look for Kittens, Turtles, Hedgehogs and Piglets. Also look for Deluxe Animal Babies with sound and in even more styles! Collect them all and build your own Animal Babies Nursery. Ages 2+.10.5″ plush baby Turtle with extra soft fur, vinyl face and glass eyes
Includes removable diaper for baby doll play
Includes pacifier that fits in mouth
Hospital ID band has a blank space for your child to name their baby
All animal babies have specially designed hands so they can connect and hold hands with one another

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