Creativity For Kids Spark!Lab Smithsonian “Invent a Motorized Robot” Model Kit Review


Have you ever wanted a robot to help you with homework or chores? Well now is your chance with the Spark!Lab invention process, and the included robotic parts, to build a new motorized companion assisting you in day-to-day tasks. Think it! Explore it! Sketch it! Create it! Ty it! Tweak it! Sell it! Think about what you want your robot to do, and how your robot will help you in day to day life? Will your robot have limitations? We’ve included 100+ pcs, motor with lights, plastic and foam gears, sturdy card stock robot parts, markers, foil & epoxy stickers and more. Now it’s time to try your invention. Does your robot work the way you want it to? if Yes congratulations! if not, it’s time to tweak it. Most inventors don’t succeed on their first try and that’s okay! This new line introduces kids to the process of invention, the same process used by real inventors. Develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking and creativity in a fun, open-ended way. Necessity is often the spark of invention, so each Spark!Lab Smithsonian activity presents kids with a unique obstacle to overcome. With the Scenario in front of them and the materials provided as points of inspiration, kids use the Spark!Lab invention process to create their own unique solutions. Watch as their ideas come to life! Spark!Lab Smithsonian inventive creativity kits show children that they too can be inventors and that the invention process can be fun and exciting even when it is challenging. This product line inspires both analytical and creative thought to show children they can do anything. Since 1976, the Creativity for Kids mission has been to provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Our open-ended products offer fun-filled opportunities for children to create, learn, pretend, and explore. Ages 8+.LET’S INVENT: Spark!Lab Smithsonian INVENTIVE CREATIVITY KITS are perfect for the child who has ideas for cool inventions but doesn’t know where to start.
EXPLORE IT: Use the Spark!Lab invention process create one battery-powered robot. Research different kinds of Robots in the workplace and what they do!
SKETCH IT: Use the Spark!Lab invention guide to draw out your designs. This helps inventors visualize what they are about to build. Problem solving and creativity in a fun open-ended way!
CREATE IT: Invent 1 cool robot with over 100+ pcs. We include battery operated motor with lights, plastic and foam gears, sturdy cardstock robot parts, markers, foil, epoxy, stickers and more
TRY IT: An exciting part of the process! Can you improve your robot and make it better? Does your robot do every thing you want it to? if yes, congratulations! You now know the process of invention

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