Coolplay® Cheerson CX-10 CX-10A 20pcs 5 Color Propellers Rotor Set & 4pcs Motor Set Spare Parts for Mini RC UFO Quadcopter Review


Coolplay Cheerson CX-10(A) Propellers & Motor Set


Model: CX-10

Color: Orange, Pink, White, Green, Blue

Main Blade: (2.9 x 0.4)cm (L x W)
Motor: (1.5 x 0.6)cm (L x D)

Compatible for Cheerson CX-10(A) Mini RC Quadcopter

Package Included:

20x main blade ( 4 Orange & 4 Pink & 4 White & 4 Green & 4 Blue )
4x Motor (2x CW Motor & 2x CCW Motor )

Of the 4 motors,2pcs( red & black wires ) rotate clockwise and 2pcs( white & black wires) rotate counterclockwise, the brushed motors are 1S motors (1 cell battery, 3.7 volts) ,they are for a quadcopter that has a 3.7v battery
The motors have a powerful magnet,which would seem to be almost mandatory when making such a small unit
This kit is a nice replacement parts, the blades of upgraded extra colors has super balance, lightweight
Designed to keep your Cheerson CX-10(A) running continuously.These bundles is to keep your quad copter in the air where it belongs
Package included: 20x Props (4 Orange & 4 Pink & 4 White & 4 Green & 4 Blue) + 4x Motors

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